Illustrations and Paintings


Hoodie Illustration for Likeapharmacist

Sweater skeleton design for Likeapharmacist. The illustration was anatomically designed to perfectly fit onto a sweater, the design is also pieced so that it can be manipulated to fit in various sizes from small to XL.

de mart store

Based on the current marijuana legalization propositions around the U.S., we created de mart. An enhanced cuisine restaurant/take out that serves THC-infused products in an atmosphere that is whimsical, novel, refined, and colorful.

Area Design
As an eatery we felt that the design of the physical space itself would be most reflective of our concept. Located in downtown Los Angeles—an area of fantastic architectural diversity—we would use a pre-existing building so as to be a good neighbor to the surrounding spaces. In this way, our space would be organic to the architectural vernacular of the city, as opposed to attempting to create an entire structure from the ground up. The exterior of the building would distinguish itself with the use of geometric, colored glass in multiple layers, as well as vivid planters and signage. This juxtaposition of old and new would serve to speak to the eclectic nature of the de mart brand.

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