Webericans Weber Grill - Juan Cifuentes
Webericans Weber Grill - Juan Cifuentes

Webericans Weber Grill - Juan Cifuentes
Webericans Weber Grill - Juan Cifuentes
Webericans Weber Grill - Juan Cifuentes
Webericans Weber Grill - Juan Cifuentes


Advertising Campaign for Weber Grills

Project by:
Juan Cifuentes and Resse Panganiban

Because of its widely recognized success, upon hearing the words “Weber Grill,” it is impossible not to associate it with durability and dependability. Through generations people have learned to love their Webers and all the attributes that are carried through along with their name, which is why we have created a subculture of people who enjoy their food and a good old American past time. WHAT IS A WEBERICAN? A Weberican can be viewed as the antihero, saving the world one step at a time with their Weber Grill by their side. A Weberican is not just one person, it is anyone and everyone who enjoys their meat, cooking, and eating it, and of course, just having fun. It is the neighbor across from the street, or the bus driver that comes to your block every week, or even your dentist. Our aim is to create a humorous campaign that is relatable to everyone in the family: mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, and even the kids.

This guerilla campaign aims at getting the general public to interact with the advertisement as well as enhancing the idea that anyone, anywhere, can be a Weberican too. It allows people not only to idolize the antihero, but to become the antihero themselves. The copy is a parody of Spiderman’s famous line: “With great power, comes great responsibility.” The line aims at enhancing the quality and fun aspects of the Weber Grill.
Because Webericans can be anyone, bus advertisements will be located in highly populated areas such as Los Angeles County and Orange County and will vary according to the location. For each location, the advertisements may include pictures of Webericans in different attire according to trends of the area. For example, in Beverly Hills, the advertisement may display a weberican in a suit. This helps to enhance the idea that a weberican can be anyone.

These posters will be placed in strategic locations around public parks, malls, beaches, and markets. The ironic and playful toughness of a Weberican is highlighted in this poster by showing a strong visual such as raw meat with a combat boot print on it. We wanted the viewer to react to the poster by thinking about cooking or grilling meat, but many of them do not really know how, and that is exactly what the camp is going to show them.

The Weberican Boot camp helps promote the American tradition of Weber Grills and family bonding by bringing fun and entertainment to very accessible locations, such as public parks and beaches. These weekend camps will host grilling classes by some of the top chefs: Emeril Lagasse, Gordon Ramsay, Duff Goldman, and Jose Garces. Games will include: build your own Weber, eating contest, and Weber Grill racing. All the games will have prices for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. There will be many different types of delicious cuisine from around the world including deserts, all done on a Weber Grill to show the versatility of a Weber. There would not be any yelling in this boot camp, only laughs and cheers!

The print advertisements aim at driving the audience’s senses. Both focus on the high quality performance of the Weber Grill and are both factors that Webericans can relate to. “In the blink of an eye” refers to the speed of a Weber’s accuracy and performance. So quick, it’s only a matter of seconds before you have completed your meal. Upon opening the page, the steak appears to be raw. Each strip is a sticker concealing the final image: a nice, juicy steak. “The smell of victory” refers to Weber’s winning taste, celebrating with families for over 50 years. The advertisement really gets your taste buds going as you smell the bbq on the grill.


These products are designed for the Weber fanatic, to enjoy his or her grilling experience to the fullest. The grilling utensils are made from heat treated Hi-ten steel with an anti-rusting coat, real oak wood, and a leather band for easy storage. The apron was designed to bring out the Weberican in our costumers, it is made from real “wife beater” (tank top) material making it very comfortable, and it will also bring out a smile from anyone that sees it. The T-shirt promotes Weber and grilling wherever it goes in a graceful way, it takes the slang “you got beef?” from being something offensive to a very friendly and peaceful answer “then go grill it”. All these products were made to show what the brand Weber is really about: cooking, entertainment, and friends.

• Bumper Sticker: Being tailgated by someone could be one of the most stressful things that someone has to go through while driving. So we created a bumper sticker that would play with people’s emotions, especially with the feelings of that annoying person tailgating you. The usual response to a question “You got beef?” would be “yes, so what are you going to do about it.” The ironic answer is ”then go grill it”, then all the stress suddenly goes away and nothing but giggles comes out of this stressful situation.

• Weberican action figure: What better way to get into a kids heart than a toy? Because of this the Weberican action figure was born. It is strong like a true Weberican should be. From head to toe it is dressed with the latest Weberican fashion, giving this toy the attitude and grilling power that children could look up to.



"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."
Albert Einstein